Drawing pad

I forgot to grab my art pad when going on a long car trip, so I decided to use a drawing pad I had downloaded on my phone.

I had never used one before,(and my phone screen is cracked) so I was surprised that it didn’t look too much like road kill.

Once I got the hang of it drawing on it was easy and fun, I know I still have a lot to edit and change but here are a few drawings that I did.

The name of the drawing pad I use is Sketchbook Express

I downloaded it from Google play store for free, here’s a link!

 Sketchbook Express

Copyright © 2015 Elizabeth Galloway. All rights reserved


5 thoughts on “Drawing pad

    • I Am so sorry that I did not reply sooner!
      Somethings are harder and other things are easier to draw on a phone or tablet, the drawings I did where easier because I made them Anime/Cartoon.
      Drawing on a phone/tablet and Trying to make it look like a pencil drawing is really hard. because of shading.


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